Friday, 18 June 2010

Oooooh i've been a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad blogger!!!

Readers please forgive me, for I have committed the ultimate sin! It has been nearly 2 years since I last blogged.
So much happened after I picked up my car that by the time I thought about me blog I had forgotten what it was called and how to get into it lol.
The rundown was that I got me luurvely new car, found me a new home (6 weeks wait for the broadband connection grrrr), a new computer (hence the fact I lost all me bookmarks and passwords), changed me E-mail address aaaannnnnd ...... bagged me a sweetie pie to share it all with hehe.
All of this on top of me bezzie mate opening her own craft shop,

and helping her run it (but this is such a chore.... you know, getting me hands on all this new crafting stuff and getting to use it first woo hoo!) I must be forgiven a little for neglecting me blog.
When Wendy decided to start her own challenge blog, Jane an Wendy put their heads together and sorted out a Design Team, but guess what, I couldn’t be on it (BOOOOOOOO) Didn’t have a piggin blog (well did but couldn’t find it!)
Then one day last week up popped a little moderation email from Blogger.  Someone had made a comment on my blog (hurrah).  Ok I deleted it cause it was for some 18+ site (boooo).  I followed the link, bookmarked it pretty smartish and pressed the “I’m sooo stupid I forgot me password” link and TADAAAAAAA password reset email in me inbox and here I am at last (woop woop).
Aaanyway, BIG NEWS............
Guess who is the newest member of the

Design Team!!!!

Meeeeeeeeeeeeee, yaaaaaaaaay
So keep your eyes peeled for me weekly cards and feel free to drop me a line or even join in for the chance to win some freebie stash courtesy of Wendy at Secret Crafter.
See u all soon
Tracie xxxxx
(I know it’s a long post but it has been nearly 2 years haha)