Saturday, 31 July 2010

SCS Challenge - Hot Wheels

Here we are again, another ...

This weeks theme is HOT WHEELS.

Well me ol' brain cells started turning (very slowly at first, they are gettin little old now lol).  I was going to do an image of a super, souped up car (but me mate Vicky had already thought of this grrrr).  So I started Google'ing words. Anything from Hot wheels (the kids toy cars came up), Wheels on fire/of fire (Did u know that Cream had done an album of that name!!  I didn't lol).  I was getting nowhere fast and was starting to lose a bit of momentum now. 

Made meself a cup of coffee and started again and had a lightbulb moment (more like a little flame of something than anything spectacular haha) but then i was thinking a little more outside the box.  I was going to do a fab image of a girl roller blading when a funky image popped into view (have you tried the new Google image search, I like it a lot).  So I downloaded it and (feeling a bit pleased with meself now hehe) began to look for some papers.

As soon as I saw me lad on the scooter I knew I wanted some graffiti type paper.  Another lightbulb moment later I found the perfect pad, the Prima Pulse Collection 6x6 paper pad, wicked!!

I coloured me laddo in with a combination of Copics and Promarkers (they work really well together), cut him out and put him on the paper then got to work looking for a graffiti font.  Deciding that I wanted to cut the words out on me Klick n kut I looked for an interesting but fairly simple font.  Ta Daaaaah, got it!
Cut out me sentiment out of more paper from the pad (and a shadow background) but it looked too clean.  Time to get me fingers dirrty hehe.  Used the Primary Elements Cats Eye chalk inkpad in the very dark purple and (not being too careful) flicked it around the edges of my letters.

I set all the elements out on the page but there was something missing.  Google again lol, and found me little spray paint vandal hehe.  Coloured him and popped him in the corner and Voila me masterpiece was finished Hurraah (and I just luuurrve the colours).

I have also had another lightbulb moment (isn't it strange what us crafters dream about haha) and this card may get another addition soon, if I can find what I am looking for (cue Google again lol).  Fingers crossed i'll be posting it soon as i've finished.

Me hopes u like me card this week and make sure you pop on over to the other gals blogs and have a look at their wonderful creations.

See u all next week peeps

TracieB xxx

Saturday, 24 July 2010

SCS Challenge - FairyTales

This weeks challenge at SCSC is Fairytales set by the lovely Janey.

Had loads of ideas for this but didn't want to do me usual stamping.  So went down to the Secret Crafter Shop (jealous much hehe, how many of you would like to have a whole craft shop to choose from downstairs lol) and had my pick of these lovely Hunkydory Decoupage Sheets.  I've been itching to use these fairies since they first came in but haven't had a chance.

So I went for the purple one (obvious choice me thinks lol).  The sheets are really fab, die cut decoupage, so they just pop out (no cutting, hurrah).  I used silicone to decoupage rather than foam pads as I had shaped the fairy a little (she is called Sparkle btw).  Used the scalloped nestie and backed Sparkle with the Precious Peonies Amethyst foiled card.  Dug out my much used Pink Petticoat Doodle Swirls for the backing paper (printed directly onto me card). Then had to go downstairs and ask Wendywoos how to make an easel card (I know, how could I forget how to make one, Doh! and she didn't really laff at me, much lol)

Dug about in me ribbon stash and found this lovely velvet purple one (off a chockie box me thinks lol) which went fab with the dotty sparkley one.  (Couldn't decide between them and went for both hehe).  Put a few jump rings together and hung the sentiment off them using a sparkley brad (I think I can see a sparkley pattern emerging here lol).

To finish I used me WOC flowers topped with some Stardust Stickles for more sparkle and added a sentiment from the Fairy packs and a border using the Martha Stewart Heart Lace edge punch and more of the Precious Peonies card stock.

I hope you get chance to pop over to our other gals blogs as they have some stunning cards this week.

See you next Saturday for another challenge

TracieB xx

Saturday, 17 July 2010

SCS Challenge - Summer Holidays

Well what started off a lovely Saturday morning has now gone a little grey (and will probably be very wet within the next 5 mins too grrrr).  I was going to sit here (door open) write me blog basking in the sun (whilst sipping me coffee an eating me fresh pecan pastry mmmmmmm) but it looks like i'll be swinging the door  shut any time now!!!

Anyhows, this card!!  Well after about 5 failed attempts at doing a background (who knew it was sooo difficult to colour sky and sand?? Just me then haha!!) I was well and truly stumped. 

Me surfer girl was stamped and coloured, papers chosen and background masked and ready to go.

Why did my sand come out dirt coloured and where did the yellow finger mark on my sky come from??? (I wasn't even using yellow so go figure that one).  Binned the lot of 'em I did!

Went home on Thursday afternoon completely deflated (and a little stressed cause me card had to be uploaded by 11am Friday morning so that only left me a few hours after work to sort it), showered and got into bed.  

Thats when I had one of those lightbulb moments (Wow, don't get very many of those these days) I'll use a holiday piccie (wish I was there....NOW!), stuff the stamping and colouring in.  So there we go, me eventually finished card.  And, although I do say so myself, it looks pretty good lol (Oooo suns come back out hehe)

I used Bazzil Bling & Basic Grey Marrakech papers (both available from Secret Crafter along with the new ones that came out this week), found a wonderful Swirl Border Punch that looked like waves and cut out the sentiment with me electronic cutter.

I have a night off tonight so i'm off to bed for a couple of hours so i'm feeling fresh and awake later (Curry night today woohoo lol).

Hope you like me little creation and byt the way, take a leaf out of my book.... Put the kettle on, sit back and relax whilst flicking through out DT's handywork for this weeks challenge (nice work too ladies xxxx)

Have a good weekend

T xxx

Saturday, 10 July 2010

SCS Challenge - Aperture

I saw some laser cut sheets whilst browsing a few shops last week (an yeah me credit card came out, shhhhhh hehe), and I thought "I could do that!" and lo my brilliant idea for this weeks card was born (I would start to slightly regret this decision a little later tho).

Now I could of gone the easy route (cutting it via my electronic cutter) but no I gotta go an do it the hard way (Oh boy!)

I rooted through the Secret Crafter stash bucket and found a pile of flower punches.  I punched a few flowers out and decided on the ones I thought would be best for the size of me card.

I set to work.  There must be some way of keeping all these little flower shapes from moving about.  Then it struck me (not physically I must add), I taped down some stamp masking paper (not sure the proper name for it), sticky side up onto a cutting mat, drew around the inside of my aperture and got to work. I started laying out the flower shapes around the aperture shape (which now didn't move about woo hoo).

When I was happy with the effect I then had to think of a way to stick them together, so out came the sellotape and scissors. I cut thin slivers of tape and taped all of the flowers together, one by one (an yeah I know what you're thinking, sticking them to acetate would of been the easier option, but my brain doesn't work like that). After a few hours of cutting and sticking all the little flowers were now happily attached.

Using my poky tool I eased my newly formed creation off the very low tack sticky paper and fitted it onto the back of my card aperture.  Feeling exceptionally pleased with myself I took the start of my card downstairs and Wowed everyone.  Comments like "Ooooh how did you do that?  Did you really stick all them together with just sellotape!" (I was feeling a bit big headed by now)

Wendy brought me down with a crash!  "I didn't think you wanted them on the bottom" (Pants!)  I'd only gone and got the card upside down. "Oh bother" I said (those of you who know me will already be substituting the actual words lol)  Upstairs for me again, poky tool at the ready!

Here's a close up of the offending object, complete with glamour dust for sparkle

Well to cut a long story short (cause you're probably half asleep by now) I did finish my card (with a little help from Wild Orchid Crafts (very scrummy flowers), remember the credit card lol) and behold my newest creation (stuff brilliant ideas next time, I ain't listening lol)

SCS Challenge has also got an announcement.............  

We have three new members on or Design Team

Please give a warm Welcome to :-




Pop over to all the Gals blogs for loads of chat and inspiration and I'll see you all next week for me next masterpiece (hopefully lol)

T xxx 

(ps NEVER EVER gonna do a white card EVER again, fingermarks grrrrrrr)

Friday, 9 July 2010

Secret Crafter Frideay Freebie

Fancy winning a Basic Grey June Bug paper paper pad??

You could be in with a chance if you follow the
instructions over at Wendy's

See you tommorrow for this weeks SCS Challenge

TracieB xx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wild Orchid Challenge Blog AND CANDY Oooooooo

How would you like to win this absolutely amazing candy????? 

Well, it's simple all you need to do is hop on over to the brand new Wild Orchid Crafts Challenge Blog and follow the instructions to enter. 

Their new challenges will begin on 12 July.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

SCS Challenge - Water

I am such a plank!  Got me post all ready to go, scheduled it an everything.  Only went and deleted it when me mouse was playing up Grrrrrr (don't worry ordered a new one off Ebay today so I should get it Monday, fingers crossed)

So I am writing this at 3am on me break at work. I hope it all makes sense cause I can't remember exactly what I originally wrote this afternoon (Doh!)

Had a bit of a fooszball break, after England lost, in between heats (Just don't get me started on how crap they played!! I didn't even have to watch it and I knew exactly how bad they were

I have been subjected to Wibbledon though (Oops sorry Wimbledon hehe). Quite enjoyed it as it turns out (Didn't Murrey do well against Federa!!) (I have also noticed how I seem to get a lot of use out of the exclamation mark!! hahaha)

Anyhowz, back to the task at hand. 

This weeks SCS Challenge is Water set by the Boss, Wendywoos (don't tell her we call her boss, there'll be no shuttin her up haha)
I have only just realised that I have never told you how I colour in my fabulously wonderful (hehe) creations.  I use a mixture of Promarkers and Copic Ciaos (available from ..... Secret Crafter of course, silly).

  • The papers were Basic Grey Lime Rickey
  • Used Woodware stamp Big Catch (decoupaged a little)
  • Used Spellbinders Nestabilities to cut out the frame Vickywoos (geddit hehe) came up with the sentiment as I was a little stumped (whats new lol) Printed out in Word, cut out and mounted on foam pads.
  • You can't really see but the bubbles on the jar the fish is in have got the Gloss Paper pen on them (really shiny and bubble like).

I hope you all like my card and pop over to the other Gals Blogs to have a squint at their fab cards.

Have a good weekend (I'll really enjoy mine as I'll be at work... again!!!!!)