Saturday, 23 April 2011

SCS Challenge - Pink, Brown n Cream - DT Card

This weeks challenge has been set by the lovely Bridget and it's the colours Pink, Brown n Cream.

Grab a cuppa, sit down and relax, this is gonna be a long one lol

Oh boy have I had a hard week this week. Someone own up.... Who pinched my mojo!!!! I don't know what was wrong! The extra hours at work, wanting to sit out in the sun or craving ice lollies hahaha. I have had such a hard time trying to put together this card. I couldn't decide on an image or papers (and believe me I have ten ton of both lol) I ended up creating my own papers (betcha can't guess what my next set will be hehe) Then.... Nothing. I was stuck again!!!

Then I gets an email from Jane... "Need your pikkies in by Thurs 11am as I'm going away" (lucky lucky lady grrr lol) Oh heck!!!!!  Its now Weds early afternoon and I go to bed around 2ish (night shift!) and no card in sight! I must admit I gave up. Had a shower and went to bed, new day tomorrow and all that.

Got home from work Thurs morning and made a start (nothing like a bit of pressure to kick your backside into gear lol) Decided on a PollyCraft image Star Fairy (I thought it captured the school hols, hanging upside down from a tree lol) and got it printed out. Then it happened......... WINDOWS UPDATE (insert suitably doom inducing music here!!) and that was that... no Computer and no Internet connection Aaaarrrgggghhhhhhh. Remember the 11am deadline (its now 9am and counting). Now I would like you to envisage the Rabbit "I'm late, i'm late for a very important date" running around frantically rebooting everything, my computer and the router. Still nothing.......  Headless chicken mode coming up. A WHOLE DAY without the internet or my computer.....    Now Breathe.

A phone call to the boss lady later and I was a little more relaxed. She has the challenge blog access YIPPEEEEEEEE. A little reprieve Phew! So time to get down to making and colouring yay.

Used my usual  Copics n ProMarkers then went to town with my Quickie glue pen and Glitter hehe. After watching Create n Craft for the past week I decided to have a go at the ripped spiral flower thingys. Draw a spiral on a square and rip along the lines. Start with the outside edge and roll to the middle. Let the flower relax a little and stick the bottom circle. Put it upside down on a flat surface and squish, press down with the heel of your hand (this ruffles the edges and slightly flattens the flower). Rip a couple of leaf shapes and there you go. Add plenty of Stickles (which came flying out due to the heat making it runny lol) and stick to your card.

I coloured some of the webbing stuff (dunno whats its called??) with my ProMarker to match the papers and stuck it with a tape runner. Luckly I had some test prints of my papers so used those and got some pale pink card to mat it all onto. Yay my card was essentially finished. Still no internet connection or computer.

To cut a long story short (cause I know you all wanna get back to the sun bathing lol) I had to roll back the update, reinstall my printer etc and make a new backup point. Reinstall the update (keeping fingers and everything else crossed at the same time) FANFARE PLEASE......... It worked, phew.

Just enough time to photograph and do the photoshop converting and overlaying thingy and post off to the Woo's.  The only think I didn't have time to sort out was a sentiment as it was going to be done on the computer.

After all the drama this week, I just want a quiet lie down lol. How much do we all rely on our computer these days??   Go on i'll let you all go off now and eat chocolate till it makes you sick and sit in the sun till u look like a beetroot.

Have a very very good easter everyone and i'll see you alll next week after THE WEDDING Oooooo!!!!!!


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