Saturday, 17 July 2010

SCS Challenge - Summer Holidays

Well what started off a lovely Saturday morning has now gone a little grey (and will probably be very wet within the next 5 mins too grrrr).  I was going to sit here (door open) write me blog basking in the sun (whilst sipping me coffee an eating me fresh pecan pastry mmmmmmm) but it looks like i'll be swinging the door  shut any time now!!!

Anyhows, this card!!  Well after about 5 failed attempts at doing a background (who knew it was sooo difficult to colour sky and sand?? Just me then haha!!) I was well and truly stumped. 

Me surfer girl was stamped and coloured, papers chosen and background masked and ready to go.

Why did my sand come out dirt coloured and where did the yellow finger mark on my sky come from??? (I wasn't even using yellow so go figure that one).  Binned the lot of 'em I did!

Went home on Thursday afternoon completely deflated (and a little stressed cause me card had to be uploaded by 11am Friday morning so that only left me a few hours after work to sort it), showered and got into bed.  

Thats when I had one of those lightbulb moments (Wow, don't get very many of those these days) I'll use a holiday piccie (wish I was there....NOW!), stuff the stamping and colouring in.  So there we go, me eventually finished card.  And, although I do say so myself, it looks pretty good lol (Oooo suns come back out hehe)

I used Bazzil Bling & Basic Grey Marrakech papers (both available from Secret Crafter along with the new ones that came out this week), found a wonderful Swirl Border Punch that looked like waves and cut out the sentiment with me electronic cutter.

I have a night off tonight so i'm off to bed for a couple of hours so i'm feeling fresh and awake later (Curry night today woohoo lol).

Hope you like me little creation and byt the way, take a leaf out of my book.... Put the kettle on, sit back and relax whilst flicking through out DT's handywork for this weeks challenge (nice work too ladies xxxx)

Have a good weekend

T xxx