Saturday, 10 July 2010

SCS Challenge - Aperture

I saw some laser cut sheets whilst browsing a few shops last week (an yeah me credit card came out, shhhhhh hehe), and I thought "I could do that!" and lo my brilliant idea for this weeks card was born (I would start to slightly regret this decision a little later tho).

Now I could of gone the easy route (cutting it via my electronic cutter) but no I gotta go an do it the hard way (Oh boy!)

I rooted through the Secret Crafter stash bucket and found a pile of flower punches.  I punched a few flowers out and decided on the ones I thought would be best for the size of me card.

I set to work.  There must be some way of keeping all these little flower shapes from moving about.  Then it struck me (not physically I must add), I taped down some stamp masking paper (not sure the proper name for it), sticky side up onto a cutting mat, drew around the inside of my aperture and got to work. I started laying out the flower shapes around the aperture shape (which now didn't move about woo hoo).

When I was happy with the effect I then had to think of a way to stick them together, so out came the sellotape and scissors. I cut thin slivers of tape and taped all of the flowers together, one by one (an yeah I know what you're thinking, sticking them to acetate would of been the easier option, but my brain doesn't work like that). After a few hours of cutting and sticking all the little flowers were now happily attached.

Using my poky tool I eased my newly formed creation off the very low tack sticky paper and fitted it onto the back of my card aperture.  Feeling exceptionally pleased with myself I took the start of my card downstairs and Wowed everyone.  Comments like "Ooooh how did you do that?  Did you really stick all them together with just sellotape!" (I was feeling a bit big headed by now)

Wendy brought me down with a crash!  "I didn't think you wanted them on the bottom" (Pants!)  I'd only gone and got the card upside down. "Oh bother" I said (those of you who know me will already be substituting the actual words lol)  Upstairs for me again, poky tool at the ready!

Here's a close up of the offending object, complete with glamour dust for sparkle

Well to cut a long story short (cause you're probably half asleep by now) I did finish my card (with a little help from Wild Orchid Crafts (very scrummy flowers), remember the credit card lol) and behold my newest creation (stuff brilliant ideas next time, I ain't listening lol)

SCS Challenge has also got an announcement.............  

We have three new members on or Design Team

Please give a warm Welcome to :-




Pop over to all the Gals blogs for loads of chat and inspiration and I'll see you all next week for me next masterpiece (hopefully lol)

T xxx 

(ps NEVER EVER gonna do a white card EVER again, fingermarks grrrrrrr)