Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Me ol' SCSC teamie Bridget over at CurlyBear Crafts has only gone an given me an award

Ta muchly hun xxxx

 Part of this award is to share 8 things about yourself. Oh dear I fear I may not be that interesting but  here goes....
  1. My best mate owns a craft shop, how awesome is that.  Wendy lets me have a play with loads of new stuff.  There is no way i'd be able to afford to get all of it myself.

  2. I love colouring in and, in my very humble opinion, i'm quite good at it lol.  I do really need to get much better at card layouts though, but I have found that sketches have helped me a great deal with placement of my bits n bobs

  3. I love teaching card classes and run day ones for Wendy over at Secret Crafter.  I get a kick out of showing someone how to use the alcohol markers and pencils and seeing their faces light up when they create something after they say they just can't get the hang of it.

  4. I like to go horseriding.  Nothing can beat hacking over the countryside on a spring/summer or winters day.  I even got me other half (Ian) to have lessons with me the other year (he did look a bit like a sack of spuds bouncing along though haha).  Although I can't go very often as the cost is very prohibitive at the moment with everything costing us more *sigh*

  5. Apart from cardmaking I like to do a little cross stitch in front of the telly on my nights off.  I am doing a quite large christmassy one at the mo.  I told Ian i'd get it done for xmas, he frowned and said thats only a couple of weeks away and it looks like you have loads to do.  I just replied that I didn't say which christmas hehe

  6. I work the night shift. Some of you may not like that idea but for me it suits perfectly.  I get to go to work,  do my classes in the morning and sleep away the afternoon/evening and sadly (not)  miss "X Factors Got Talent on Ice" lol  (I can't bear them sorry)

  7. I am an avid reader. I've been a bookwork most of my life even as a kiddly.  I love all the Terrys, Pratchett, Brooks, Goodkind and I am currently rereading (well listening to on audio book) the Robert Jordan-Wheel of Time Series.  The last one should be released this year and it's been a while since I have read them so I am having a bit of a refresher before I get it. I have even got the Kindle app for my phone which was fantastic on me hols as I didn't have to take the 10 books that I normally pack lol.

  8. I love driving especially in Wales or Scotland.  The countryside there is absolutely stunning.  Spring and Autumn can be particularly beautiful with all the colours of the trees changing.

Well thats my 8 things just about.  I hope I haven't bored you too much lol.   My next difficult task is to pass it on to another 8, so here goes ......

And finally quick thank you to everyone who takes the time to say hi and make me smile.

Huggles xx